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21 More Ways to Find Real Estate Leads

By Karen Rittenhouse I’ve written many posts on how to find real estate leads. But I get this question so often that I’ve decided to write another short list on things you can do at any time to speak with sellers and buy properties. Call individually to sellers – the...

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Can You Negotiate With Wholesalers?

By Karen Rittenhouse Can you negotiate with wholesalers? The quick answer, of course, is that you can negotiate with anyone. An investor asked this question because they said that a wholesaler had overcharged them for a property and they, therefore, had paid too much...

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Do You Need a Buyer’s List Before You Find a Property?

By Karen Rittenhouse This is one of those chicken/egg questions that a lot of investors ask. Do I need a property before I look for buyers, or should I have a list of buyers before I find a property? The most important thing, of course, is to start somewhere – just...

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Should You Invest in an Out of State Rental Property?

One of the most wonderful things about investing in real estate is the endless options and opportunities which you can choose from. Nonetheless, rental properties have proven to be one of the best real estate investments as they allow you to make money both in the...

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6 Harsh Truths to Face Before You Invest in Rental Property

If you have a bit of extra cash to put into real estate, you may consider investing in rental property. At first glance, it seems like a safe place to put your money. While rental properties tend to be a stable investment, there are other costs that go into being a...

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10 Real Estate Calculations Every Investor Should Know

In real estate, not everything will fit into a neat little box. Creativity is a must. However, there is indisputably a mathematical side to successful real estate. Sooner or later, you must put pen to paper and figure out if it makes sense to buy a particular...

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How to Properly Tenant-Proof Your Rental

Sometimes, the tenant simply clicks with the landlord and everyone lives happily ever after. Most of the time, the war between these two parties rages from the moment they sign the lease to the moment a sizable amount is deducted from the tenant’s security deposit....

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