Sometimes, the tenant simply clicks with the landlord and everyone lives happily ever after. Most of the time, the war between these two parties rages from the moment they sign the lease to the moment a sizable amount is deducted from the tenant’s security deposit.

No, it’s not easy being a landlord and managing to keep your rental clean, scuff-free, and functioning properly on all fronts. And this is exactly why you need to tenant-proof the property well-before they move in. Here’s how to do it right.

It All Begins with a Detailed Upkeep Agreement

Everything you want your future tenants to uphold should be emphasized in the lease agreement, otherwise, you will have no legal leg to stand on should they fail to comply with your rules and requirements.

Proper conduct in and around the property, internal and external maintenance, landscape upkeep, thrash handling, and all of the other clauses should be clearly defined and understood by your tenant. Now, you can move on to actually proofing your apartment against naughty tenants.

Go for a Glossy Finish

Matte paint looks nice, it’s a bit on the cheaper side, and it does have a long lifespan when treated with care. Which is exactly why you want to avoid it completely when repainting your rental property. Tenants are reckless, and even if they aren’t, chances are that matte paint will end up bruised and scuffed during their stay. To avoid this problem, simply go for gloss paint that you can easily wipe clean.

Tenant-Proof Your Doors and Windows

Keep in mind: this is not the place you live in, so chances are that people won’t take care of it the way you want them to. It’s the harsh truth you need to accept, and act on accordingly. When it comes to doors and windows, for example, having a 24-hour locksmith on speed dial will be essential for keeping the locks functioning properly, fixing all issues promptly, and getting your tenants back inside as soon as possible when they lock themselves out – which they will, so don’t get overly surprised, or caught off guard.

Invest in Durable Flooring

Arguably, the floors will suffer the most during your tenants’ stay here, so it’s important to be smart about upkeep and protection. Firstly, eliminate the rugs – they might be pretty and all, but they’re a ticking time-bomb in a rental. Instead, opt for durable vinyl flooring that can withstand a heavy beating on a daily basis. The best part is that you can find vinyl floors that are indistinguishable from real hardwood – so it’s kind of a win-win.

Install Door Stoppers

If you don’t have door stoppers in place, you’re just asking for trouble. People in rental properties are not going to care that much if the door swings open and hits the wall, leaving a scuff or a mark, nor will they care if the door gets damaged in the process – even if they do care, you can’t expect them to use the doors properly every single time. Instead of pulling your hair out, just put door stoppers behind every door and save yourself the stress, and the needless expenses.

Prohibit Wall Mounting of Any Kind

Okay, wall mounting is a tricky subject, but generally speaking, it should not be allowed. At least not the kind of mounting that requires nails and screws to be pushed into the walls. You can allow harmless mounting that uses adhesive substances that can be easily removed, but you should never allow the tenant to break the aesthetics and structural integrity of the wall just so they can hang an ugly painting in the living room. Likewise, it’s a good idea to prohibit TV mounting altogether in order to avoid safety risks for the tenants, and your wall.

Good tenants can be extremely hard to come by, so instead of turning everyone down until you’ve found an ideal match, a better solution would be to tenant-proof the property in order to retain your peace of mind in the long run. With these essential tips in mind, you’ll have no problem preserving a harmonious relationship with your guests.