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Optimize rent using real-time data, location and feature adjustments, and analytical modeling.

Rent Report Details

With real-time data, real estate rent report, robust analysis, and an appraisal-like approach to rental comps that adjusts for size, beds, and baths, Rent Radar™ provides users with a more transparent, precise, and narrower range of predicted rents. It also provides tenancy duration and vacancy duration analysis, little-used but important metrics for setting optimal rents. Full visibility and mapping of the comparable rental unit data provides unparalleled, neighborhood-specific insight to rental rate decisions.

real estate rent report bell curve
Real Estate Rent Report Color Chart
With an emphasis on the property and not just the market, data is hyperlocal. Comps are presented with a Google Maps Street View comparison within the report
Uses an appraisal-like approach showing adjustments for bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage within the calculations considered from the comps
Easy to interpret mapping and shading of zip codes reflected in graphic space of the comps used for market rent projections
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Rent Report

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