Introducing the RISC™ Index: the 'credit score' of rental popertiesReal Estate Investment Risk Analysis

The Industry’s only data driven risk metric for property rentals. Understand how crime, schools, and other location-based data affect your residential investment property risk.

RISC™ Index Explained

The Rental Income Stability Composite (RISC™) index is the nation’s first and only location risk score for residential income property. Ranging from a low of 1 to high of 100, the RISC score offers a fast and simple metric for the relative impact that demographics, crime, schools, economic and other location-based data have on the stability of income generation from residential rental property. Applicable throughout the United States, the proprietary analytics of the RISC index utilize real-time feeds from the country’s leading data providers offering amazing real estate investment risk analysis. 

RISC Index - real estate investment risk analysis

A single composite index for comparative evaluation and screening of rental properties

Used to rate the relative income stability of residential properties in all areas of the U.S.
Provides predictive information for property selection, income analysis and management
Summary and detailed reports allow for initial screening and deeper factor analysis
Interactive heat map provides color-coded RISC™ comparison of nearby neighborhoods
An address-level RISC™ comparison against local (MSA) and national (USA) averages
real estate investment risk analysis report

Risk Report

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Risk Report Detailed Real Estate Investment Risk Analysis

Risk Detailed Report

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Real Estate Investment Risk Analysis 

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