RentFax Rent Analysis Reporting Services Report Diagram
RentFax Rent Analysis Reporting Services Report Diagram

Do you feel OVERWHELMED when it comes to data?


Tired of WASTING YOUR TIME going to multiple sources to gather data?


CONFUSED on how that data translates to a decision you are trying to make?

Introducing RentFax Rent Analysis

Rental Property Data Reports

Data made useful. Decisions made easy.

RentFax is bringing concise, easy to understand, decision level data to the Rental Property industry. A variety of reports provide accurate, property specific data to simplify decision making.

Faster, better, more profitable decisionsabout residential income properties.

RentFax has created a suite of reports to address the daily decisions industry professionals face. These reports were developed through the collaboration of Data Scientists and Industry Professionals. The end result is tailored, property specific, data-driven reports for…

Property Managers

  • Quickly & accurately set market rents with the Rent Report
  • Use professional co-branded reports to convey your recommendations
  • Adjust management resources by understanding location risk


  • Pinpoint neighborhoods of known success with the RISC report
  • Create data backed pro-formas in seconds


  • Report Packages reduce underwriting times on DSCR loans
  • Avoid lending in neighborhoods with failed investments
RentFax Rent Analysis Reporting Services Report Diagram

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RentFax helps investors, lenders, agents, property managers, and others assess and compare income risk, determine rents, and forecast gross and net income in seconds, providing unparalleled insight to any residential investment property in the U.S.

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