Vacancy Risk Report: the Industry’s ONLY pro forma ready Vacancy data

Stop using data incorrectly!  RentFax’s Investment Vacancy Rate is the only Vacancy Data tailored specifically for Industry Professionals to use correctly in pro forma calculaitons.

Vacancy Report Details

For years, industry professionals have misinterpreted vacancy data. Through an exhaustive data project, RentFax has redefined vacancy with the Investment Vacancy Rate. In lieu of misleading data on vacant units, RentFax reframes vacancy in terms of the Tenancy Cycle. Presenting data on Tenancy Duration and Vacancy Duration to establish the full Tenancy Cycle results in the Investment Vacancy Rate, an annualized vacancy rate ready to be plugged into any pro forma for accurate results. Users of this report will also gain insight into the neighborhoods ranking of tenancy duration and how long it takes to fill vacancies. Duration probabilities, historical trends, and geographical breakdowns add to the comprehensive data set.

Vacancy Report Chart
Tenant Cycle Vacancy Report
Investment Vacancy Rates are established at the neighborhood level.

Understanding Tenancy Durations in the neighborhood helps strategic rent development to encourage long term tenants with a steady income stream.

Tailor marketing efforts by understanding the Vacancy Duration and the Monthly Turnover Count for the neighborhood.

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