By Karen Rittenhouse

I’ve written many posts on how to find real estate leads. But I get this question so often that I’ve decided to write another short list on things you can do at any time to speak with sellers and buy properties.

  1. Call individually to sellers – the more sellers you speak with, the more practiced and experienced you become. You can never speak with too many sellers.
  2. Call for-sale-by-owners — from signs as well as sites like
  3. Call sellers on Craigslist.
  4. Call all “we-buy-houses” bandit road signs and discuss that you want to buy from them and sell to them.
  5. When going on appointments to meet with sellers, drive the neighborhood looking for distressed properties.
  6. Call for-rent signs and sellers on sites like – looking for burnt out landlords wanting to sell.
  7. NETWORK (of PRIMARY importance!!!) Do people know what you do? How do they know?
  8. Attend all local REIA meetings – find yours on
  9. Attend all local real estate investor meetings – find yours on
  10. Attend any local landlord association meetings – they buy properties.
  11. Talk with real estate agents – tell them to call you when they find a property too distressed to list.
  12. Talk with real estate attorneys – they know people who are in trouble and may need to sell.
  13. Go to yard sales and estate sales – are they selling the house?
  14. Talk with building inspectors – is anyone selling?
  15. Talk with City & County Inspectors: ask about code violations and red tags. When we develop a reputation of buying distressed properties and improving them, we become an asset to the community.
  16. Condemned Houses: many counties will provide information on these properties. Being condemned Does NOT mean they need to be torn down.
  17. Use vehicle signage or wrapped vehicle.
  18. Let your postman know what you do! (they know everyone’s secrets…)
  19. Let property management companies know you buy houses – they know landlords ready to sell.
  20. Contact county offices to find Section 8 landlords – these landlords are often ready to sell.
  21. Talk about what you do on all your social media platforms.

And don’t forget to attend your local Deal Maker Session meetings – groups of investors getting together monthly to buy and sell exclusive (non-MLS) wholesale deals.

There are always properties for sale and always deals to be made. Are you actively looking at all times?What have you tried that’s not on my list?