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Five Biggest Trends in Property Right Now

The real estate market continues to evolve and we keep seeing new trends emerging on a daily basis. However, there are also some trends that have been around for a while and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere. So, if you’ve been wondering what’s hot in...

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Have Your Tenants Get Renters Insurance!

Almost every landlord has insurance on their property, but many landlords underestimate the importance of renters insurance. Some rental unit owners aren’t aware that they can require their tenants to purchase renters insurance before the lease is even signed. The...

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5 Ways To Help You Confidently Set Fair Market Rents

Whether you own or manage one rental property, or hundreds of rentals across the country, you need to be able to set fair market rents confidently.  If your rent is set too high, it can sit on the market and you will miss out on monthly rental income.  And if the rent...

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5 Mid-Year Updates to Consider for Your Rental Business

Summer is a busy time of year for most real estate agents, regardless of region. In college towns, students are shifting in and out of new apartments for the season, and in popular beach areas, families and travelers are likely coming and going more frequently than...

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