Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, you have specific rights and responsibilities outlined by the law of your province, territory or state. Protect yourself; know what they are.

Landlord’s Rights

A landlord has the right to:

  • Collect the rent in a timely manner;
  • Collect a rent deposit, not more than one month’s rent worth or one week’s worth if a weekly rental situation;
  • Increase the rent once every 12 months within the allowed percentage limits.

Landlord’s Responsibilities

A landlord is responsible for:

  • Making sure the rental unit is safe and in good repair;
  • Giving the tenant a rent receipt;
  • Paying the utility bills if utilities are included in the rent;
  • Ensuring that tenants are nor disturbing others;
  • Providing tenants with a written lease or rental agreement;
  • Providing tenants with their legal name and contact information or that of their legal representative (ie. superintendent);
  • Paying interest on rent deposits each year;
  • Living up to the tenancy agreement and the Residential Tenancies Laws/Acts.

Not Allowed by Landlords

A landlord is not allowed to:

  • Lock tenants out of the rental unit without an eviction order and the Sheriff to enforce it;
  • Use the rent deposit to pay for repairs to damages or other costs;
  • Enter the rental unit without 24 hours written notice (except in an emergency situation);
  • Turn off or interfere with services such as heat, water or electricity;
  • Take a tenant’s personal property if they don’t pay rent;
  • Insist that a tenant pays rent with post-dated checks or direct deposit;
  • Refuse to rent because of pets, children, age, gender, religion or cultural background.

Tenant’s Rights

A tenant has the right to:

  • Security that tenancy will not be terminated early or unfairly;
  • Enjoyment of the rental unit without interference from the landlord or other tenants;
  • Peace of mind knowing that their privacy will be respected (ie. the landlord cannot enter the unit without 24 hours written notice.

Tenant’s Responsibilities

A tenant is responsible for:

  • Paying the rent on time;
  • Keeping the rental unit clean;
  • Monitoring guests to make sure they do not damage the property or disturb other tenants;
  • Repairing any damage caused by the tenant or guests;
  • Living up to the tenancy agreement and the Residential Tenancies Laws/Acts.

Not Allowed by Tenants

A tenant is not allowed to:

  • Withhold rent until the landlord makes repairs;
  • Keep pets that endanger or disturb other people;
  • Engage in illegal activities in the rental unit or on the property;
  • Change the locks on the rental unit without the landlord’s permission.

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