Creating a Zen-inspired interior in your rental property will not only make it a more successful business for you but also you will help your future guests achieve their inner peace in a stress-free environment, away from the hustle and bustle of their hectic lifestyles. Scroll through to find inspiration for your simple, yet balanced and soothing rental interior.

A Light Color Palette that Inspired Relaxation

One of the best ways to achieve a Zen atmosphere in your rental is with color combinations. Choosing a light color palette will create the feeling of calmness and will affect your mood in a way that you will feel inspired to relax and forget about the stress. Light colors such as pastel blues and greens encourage tranquility and peacefulness and should be a part of your interior, not necessarily as a wall color; you can intertwine these wonderful shades through your rental décor. Opt for colors and shades that are inspired by nature and that reflect the peacefulness of the essence of nature itself.

Soft Lights for Peacefulness

Replace harsh lighting with soft light from wall light and lamps to create a gentle effect in rooms of your rental. Use dim lights for the bedroom that will inspire your guest to rest and recharge their batteries with a good night of sleep. Combining various lights all over the place is the best way to control the atmosphere – the, for example, are great for living rooms because they can be controlled, i.e. dimmed when necessary. Choose different types of lighting (spotlights, lanterns, lamps) and opt for multiple light sources that will spread softer light all over the place and inspire calmness.

De-Cluttered and Organized Stress-Free Space

Keep things simple and avoid over-crowding. The best way to do so is to be well-organized and not to exaggerate with decorative items or any items at all. Keep your rental supplied with the bare necessities– just a few pieces of furniture, several decorative items and a plant (or two). The more simplified your rental is the more guests will find peace and serenity and will have the urge to come back or recommend your place. Cluttered spaces induce stress and make things more complicated for the visitors since they have too many things around them. So, get rid of the clutter, simplify interior design, minimize the amount of everything and create a stress-free rental perfect for individuals looking for a sweet place to escape to.

Interior Design Inspired by Zen Gardens

Bring the nature inside. Greenery makes every space more Zen and inspires the connection to nature while providing an earthy vibe. Introducing flowers or green leaf house plants is a great way to create a more homey atmosphere, inspired by nature – a small oasis that your guest will simply adore. Choose easy to maintain plants, get rid of the curtains to bring more natural light inside and put the insect screens on the windows so that the guests can air the rooms often. Provide quality air conditioning service in your rental if it is situated in a warm weather conditions location to provide maximum comfort for your guest, during times when it is too warm to open the windows.

Mimic the Essence of Nature with Natural Elements

Use natural materials for everything inside your rental. Opt for wooden floors, natural fabrics, focus on textures and patterns and put an accent on the tactile. Being surrounded by natural materials, especially with a lot of soft textures and lush greenery, does wonders for tranquility. Your guests will enjoy their stay surrounded by elements that resemble the true essence of nature that you can feel on your skin. Burlap or linen lampshades are perfect for adding a finishing touch to your rental – oasis of peace, as well as intertwining materials such as wood, bamboo, and clay.

Symmetry for a Perfectly Balanced Interior

For some people, symmetry is what makes a perfectly balanced interior that inspires relaxation. You can design your rental’s interior in a way that everything is mirror-like but avoid complete symmetry. Break the rules once or twice with decorative items but keep the furniture symmetrical and choose geometric shapes.

Follow these simple tips and tricks to create a perfect Zen-inspired interior in your rental. The best part is that your guests will truly appreciate the effort you put into creating a serenity sanctuary they can rent and they will surely spread the word around. And, as you know, there is no better commercial for your business than the words of a happy customer.