If you love the idea of huge real estate investing returns but dread the tax bills that come with financial success, then you share a common bond with just about every other investor in the country. However, if you realize that there are actually ways to create “tax-free profits” in real estate using your retirement account, you are among the elite. Triangle area real estate investors who hate the tax bills but love the ROI in real estate cannot afford to miss Edwin Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Specialized IRA Services, at the Think Realty National Conference & Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, October 14, 2017.

Knowledge is Gold

Kelly has a history of being what one colleague refers to as “an avid educator.” In a former position, the CEO more than tripled the number of employees at that company, added $10 billion in assets under custody, and acquired three competitors in the space of about seven years. Much of that growth was due to Kelly’s dedication to educating the company’s client base about its own needs in retirement investing and then effectively meeting those needs with guidance and insight. “We’re excited to have him at our conference presenting on self-directed IRA investing,” Think Realty event coordinator Colleen Bay added.

Topic of Interest

Kelly’s presentation, “How to Create a Fortune and Rescue Your Retirement,” will deal with how to effectively and legally create tax-free profits inside self-directed retirement accounts. The topic has grown in popularity in recent years as more and more real estate investors realized just how much investment potential lay within the reach of their retirement capital if they could control those assets instead of leaving them in corporate financial advisers’ hands.

Kelly’s current company, Specialized IRA Services is a boutique financial services firm that allows its clients to self-direct their retirement, education, health savings, and 401(k) accounts into alternative assets. Alternative assets include real estate, mortgage notes, private loans, trust deeds, and nearly anything you can imagine with very few exceptions. Kelly promised to “unveil how to help your personal investment strategies, but how to grow your business with self-direction as well.”

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