Coach Abhi Golhar has released Navigating Wholesale Paperwork, a new course available to Think Realty members. The lessons in this course, taught over six episodes, provide plenty of material to make note of. Golhar gives tips that are actionable, and imparts knowledge that can quickly impact an investor’s portfolio.

Golhar is a media host, educator, and speaker with a wealth of real estate investment insight and helpful resources to share with investors. His experience has resulted in a sizeable, profitable investment portfolio across the Southeast. The knowledge he freely shares in this course can put a new investor on par with those that have been in the game for a long time, and provide a different viewpoint to those with years of experience.
When you complete the course, you will have a strong grasp on terminology, be able to price a renovation with confidence, and know what comprises a proper deal analysis, including Golhar’s personal formula for running the numbers. Thinks Realty members will learn that the details count and there are some we should never overlook.

Navigating Wholesale Paperwork includes six episodes:

1 | Terms: TPC, ARV, FMV

2 | Research the Property

3 | Get a Renovation

4| How to Pull FMV Comparables

5 | Run Your Profit Numbers

6 | Assignment or Double Close

View the course introductory episode here.

To complete the course join Think Realty’s Investor-Level membership, and you’ll also gain access to the full catalog of courses.