If you are involved in real estate, whether buying, selling, rehabilitating, financing or flipping it is incredibly important to stay on top of current topics that can help to ensure your success.

Provided by InvestFourMore, this list of 48 real estate blogs is an awesome resource and a great place to start.

Top 48 Real Estate Investment Blogs

  1. 1-2-3 Flip – Specializing in rehabbing homes and fixing and flipping, J Scott blogs about his own rehabbing property ventures and also blogs, and provides podcasts and videos teaching aspiring investors how to find success in real estate investing as well.
  2. Afford Anything – To skip the 9-to-5 life and live life on her own terms, Paula invested in six rental units and now travels the world and sets her own schedule. She blogs to show others how to do the same.
  3. Bawld Guy – With over 35 years of investing experience, Jeff writes his blog to help coach other real estate investors to make sound financial decisions and improve their real estate investing decisions.
  4. BiggerPockets – BiggerPockets is more than a blog, it’s a networking and information platform for real estate investing professionals educating people in all aspects of real estate from basic knowledge to marketing to dealmaking and more.
  5. Black Belt Investors – Teaching his real estate investing methods through seminars, personal coaching, and group meetings, Sean Gilliland views himself as a “sensei,” spreading real estate knowledge to help others build a successful real estate investing career.
  6. Clever Investor – Founder Cody Sperber urges us to think of Clever Investor as the Disneyland for investors: filled with excellent free resources, insider tips, and a real estate investor community for beginners seeking to learn how to invest in real estate.
  7. CT Homes – With a focus on providing advice for a variety of different types of homeowners, the CT Homes blog also provides a wealth of information for real estate investors.
  8. Dean Graziosi – Known for his infomercial TV series selling his real estate investing books and opportunities for real estate investing events, Dean Graziosi’s blog features tips and insights from his own deals and experience.
  9. Do Hard Money – From a company that provides short-term lending to real estate investors, this blog features advice on how to finance real estate investments and tips on buying and selling homes.
  10. Don R. Campbell – Providing Canada’s most current real estate investment education programs and economic research material, Don focuses on economics and fundamentals of real estate rather than hype and emotions.
  11. Epic Real Estate – After developing a system and simplifying the complex concept of real estate investing, Matt saw the next step in his career as writing and teaching others to learn how to become real estate investors and form passive streams of income as well.
  12. Flip This Wholesaler – Specializing is the wholesaling aspect of real estate investment, Steph’s success comes after much struggle. She writes her blog to help beginners in real estate because she knows what it’s like to be a struggling beginner.
  13. Fortune Builders – As the premiere real estate education company in the country, the Fortune Builders’ blog is an extension of their mission to inspire, educate, and lead real estate investors to start and grow a real estate business.
  14. Green Real Estate Investing News – Committed to sustainable enterprises and development, this blog provides tips and strategies for real estate investors who are environmentally conscious and wish to build a “green” investing business.
  15. Hipster Investments – Providing real estate investment education and helping connect investors with reputable companies, the Hipster Investments blog is an excellent source for real estate information around the world
  16. House Flipping School – Writing about his own experience in-house flipping and in the real estate industry, Mike views the House Flipping School as a community for people at all levels of real estate investing eager to learn how to flip houses successfully.
  17. How to Buy USA Real Estate – From a team of seasoned investors, this blog offers tips about investment opportunities based on evaluations of emerging markets to determine where and when you can get the best deals which yield the best profits.
  18. Investing Now Network – Successful real estate entrepreneur, Jim Ingersoll leads boot camps and webinars for real estate investors and blog tips and strategies from his own experience to provide guidance for fellow investors.
  19. JasonHartman.com – Founder and CEO of Platinum Properties Investment Network, Jason blogs to provide real estate education and resources for all areas of income property investment needs.
  20. JeffAdams.com – Jeff Adams is a best-selling author and real estate investor who helps readers find financial freedom through his real estate investment systems and sharing insights into deals he’s working on right now.
  21. Jennifer Buys Houses – Specializing in buying house to rehab, Jennifer blogs with tips for other real estate investors based on what she has learned as a professional real estate investor and business owner.
  22. Just Ask Ben Why – After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and subsequently having to give up his dream of a career as a violinist, Ben Leybovich began researching other ways he could be successful and discovered real estate investing. Now he blogs and teaches others how to make money in real estate too.
  23. KC Investment Property – With a focus on the Kansas City investing market, Chris Lengquist provides answer to the endless questions that come up for real estate investors, especially those dealing with HUD, REO, and bank foreclosures.
  24. Learn Reinvesting – Offering real estate insights and instructional tutorials, James Kobzeff’s blog covers a wealth of real estate information backed by over 30 years of real estate investment experience.
  25. Louisville Gals Real Esatate Blog – Sharon has been a real estate investor since 1998 working with her daughters and providing coaching for other real estate investors. She blogs to share her experience of escaping the 9-to-5 life and help others find joy in doing the same.
  26. Memphis Invest – Family owned real estate investing company, Memphis Invest, blogs tips for real estate investors and news about the real estate investing world.
  27. Mobile Home Investing – An investor in a unique side of real estate: mobile homes, John writes his blog in the most transparent manner possible to provide tips and insight into the mobile home investing world.
  28. Mr. Hamilton – The Mr. Hamilton Team is made up of successful real estate investors who want to see their readers and clients have the same success, offering tips and news about the real estate market.
  29. Must Know Investing – After catching the real estate bug in college, Patrick dove head first into real estate investing and perfected the art through much trial and error and now writes his blog to help other investors learn from his experiences.
  30. Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine – With a goal of helping individuals and businesses profit from real estate investment, the Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine blog provides readers with the information they need to be successful in real estate.
  31. Real Data – Real estate investor, Frank Gallinelli has always found it essential to track his income, expenses, and investments through computer programs. With RealData real estate investment analysis software and his blog, Frank helps other investors become successful as well.
  32. Real Estate in Your Twenties – Proving that success isn’t just for the “seasoned” real estate investor, Brandon started Real Estate in Your Twenties to share tips, tricks, and techniques for building a real estate business and living life on your own terms.
  33. Real Estate Investing Mastery – This real estate investing blog/podcast features various real estate investing professionals to provide different investing tips and strategies from a variety of experiences and areas of real estate investing.
  34. RealCrowd – Giving investors the tools they need to invest with private real estate companies, RealCrowd’s blog provides additional real estate investing tips and news for the savvy investor.
  35. RealEstate.com – This group of real estate writers and gurus providing information for all levels of real estate professionals in housing market news, information on investing, home improvement tips, and more.
  36. Realty Mogul – The Realty Mogul blog shares tips on real estate investing across a variety of different types of real estate and investment opportunities for crowdfunders interested in real estate.
  37. REI Club – From one of the premier real estate investing sites on the web, the REI Club Blog is an in-depth resource and community for all your real estate investing needs.
  38. REI Tips – This one-stop real estate investing tips, strategies, and ideas blog filled with personal examples from founder, JP Moss, as well as success stories from friends and collaborators for anyone looking to start or grow their own real estate business.
  39. REI Wealth Monthly – This Apple Newstand digital magazine also has a blog filled with real estate investing content to keep real estate investors up to date with the latest investing news and tips.
  40. RETipster – Seth’s blog teaches investors how to make money through real estate on a part-time basis using strategies that work, not necessarily ones that are glamorized on TV so that you can build a real estate business without quitting your job.
  41. Rock Star Inner Circle – Brothers Tom and Nick decided to take their lives into their own hands with a “crazy” idea to start a real estate investing business completely from scratch. This blog is full of their tip and stories that have led to their real estate success.
  42. Struggling Investor – This blog details Scott’s journey and hard work to become a full-time real estate investor. He shares what he learns along the way to growing his real estate investing business.
  43. Blog of Joe Crump – After a long struggle trying to make it in the film industry, Joe found that real estate investing gave him more freedom and control of his life. Through trial and much error, Joe found a system for real estate investment and uses his blog to share his knowledge.
  44. The Boston Investor – From a family of construction and real estate investors, Justin found real estate investing to be a natural fit. His blog provides an up-to-date record of his real estate investing activities and offers advice for investors looking to get started in the industry.
  45. The Investor Insights – Started by Susan Lassiter-Lyons in 2006 to share her creative investing and financing insights with budding real estate investors, this blog is an excellent source for real estate investing information as well as real estate coaching and webinars.
  46. The Real Estate Guys – This real estate investing radio show/blog is in Q&A format to provide answers to all of your real estate investing questions with the help of their excellent team of advisors.
  47. The Southern Investor – Brooks knew he was destined to be an entrepreneur and soon realized that real estate investing was what piqued his interest most. The Southern Investor began as his exploration into the real estate investing world and now he hopes that others can use it to learn from his mistakes and triumphs.
  48. Wealth Steps – With the strong belief that building wealth is more about earning money, Luis writes “Wealth Steps” to demonstrate that anyone can take the steps to build wealth and live a life that is meaningful.


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